Action Alert

We believe that our immigration laws are broken and need to be reformed. At the Federal, State and Local level, you can help us build a more Welcoming community and fix our broken system. Below are several ways that you can get involved in this work.



The Obama Administration has issued an Executive Order for DHS to offer deferred action to certain undocumented individuals who otherwise would have qualified for the DREAM Act.

Our office has prepared hundreds of DACA cases and initial registration is continuing. To discuss how this new policy affects your specific case, please contact us to schedule a time to visit and begin preparation for this new benefit.

Our friends at Progress Missouri have put together these helpful resources (the FAQ is particularly helpful):

For the official details, here is the press release and the FAQ from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

For information on the legal authority behind the President's policy, here's a memorandum from nearly 100 law professors.

For rebuttals and corrections of the media's reaction to today's announcement, please click here.

For more information about the DREAM Act legislation, please click here and here.

DREAM isn't just the right thing to do -- America's economy and national security will reap enormous benefits as a result, too.

  Austin & Ferguson supports the work of MIRA – a statewide organization that works to improve the lives of immigrants in Missouri, works on legislation that affects immigrants and our communities, and partners with national organizations to work on Immigration Reform.

M IRA is pleased with the Obama administration's good news for the Dreamers, and it puts immigration advocates on the road to our ultimate goal, comprehensive reform of our broken immigration system.

This is a positive step in the right direction, and has the potential to offer relief to thousands of immigrants and families who have been living in the shadows.  The new policy, however, does not offer a path to citizenship for DREAMers, and it is not the end of our fight.  MIRA will continue to work to ensure that our community partners have information they need, to be a voice for immigrant families, and to advocate for comprehensive immigration reform.

As a note, when policy announcements like this are made, our community often sees and uptick in notario fraud - unscrupulous practitioners who will take immigrants' money while they fraudulently claim to be able to help them with their legal issues.  When seeking council or representation, make sure you are working with a licensed attorney or an accredited representative.  For more information, check out this website from AILA:

As always, please feel free to contact the office with questions. Go to the MIRA Website to donate to this important work in Missouri.
Angela Ferguson serves on the executive board of AIRR, a local inter-faith advocacy group that is the Kansas Affiliate for Welcoming America. AIRR is working to educate the public in the church pews about the difficulties of our current immigration system. Visit the Welcoming America website, to find fun ways that your organization or family can get involved in the hospitality work in your area.
  AIRR offers film events and forums for local congregations, with discussion leaders and materials. If your church is interested in scheduling an event, please contact Angela Ferguson or visit the AIRR website.

AIRR is offering weekly education events for YouthWorks volunteers in Kansas City Kansas throughout the summer, each Monday evening. Upcoming Monthly meetings will consist of workshops dealing with reconciling our faith messages with the lives and laws affecting immigrants in the U.S.

We just had a successful fundraising banquet, featuring the documentary film “Tony & Janina's American Wedding”. Many local restaurants provided a wide variety of food and the hospitality of the Community of Christ staff was extraordinary. Many thanks to all who attended, who volunteered and who donated!
  MORE2 – All Souls UU Church is a founding member of More2, the Metro Organization for Racial Economic Equity. Angela Ferguson is a member of the Core Team at All Souls, working on issues of transportation, food stamp reform in Missouri, education, and immigration. Immigration Reform is one of the top 3 campaign issues of the national organization, Gamaliel Foundation, to which More2 belongs. As we find ways for all people of color to work together on common issues, we will find that we have more power to bring about the change that is needed in our communities.  
  The SSL campaign was started by the Unitarian Universalist Association as a way to raise awareness of issues surrounding the LGBT community. However, many of the same issues affect other communities, such as our immigrant families. The SSL campaign was expanded to include efforts to stand on the side of love for immigrant families – to keep families together and STOP the deportations of parents. We are proud to be part of the SSL campaign and to demonstrate against those who are working to tear our families apart. Over the past year, locally, we have demonstrated at a campaign event held by Kris Kobach and Sheriff Joe Arpaio, we have marched in the first Kansas City Martin Luther King Jr. MARADE, and will be taking our bright orange banner, t-shirts and signs to Arizona to show the immigrant communities there that they are not alone and that we will stand with them in this struggle for civil rights.  
  Angela Ferguson is the Chair of the Social Responsibility Board of All Souls UU Church. Over the past year, many of the activities and studies at All Souls have focused on Immigration issues, leading up to the June, 2012 General Assembly in Phoenix, Arizona. Several of our members, including 4 high school youth, will attend the G.A., take part in Witness/Action events at the Federal Court House, the Tent Jail run by Sheriff Joe Arpaio, and will be present in Arizona when the Supreme Court announces the decision on the SB1070 lawsuit.

The goal of G.A. is to work in collaboration with local advocacy groups, such as No Mas Muertes, Presente, and many others, to build our capacity to demand immigration reform. One of the study/action issues is to repeal the Doctrine of Discovery – the doctrine that allowed European countries to conquer lands in the New World and claim them, because the natives were not Christians – a doctrine that originated with the Crusades and has not been repudiated to this day. For more information on the Doctrine, the Witness events and upcoming UUA events, visit